Education, Training and exercising

Vigiles helps you develop, produce and organize training courses and exercises. Besides the mono -disciplinary education, training and practice, we attach great importance to the multi-disciplinary context. We work for Fire and Rescue Services, Defence, Dispatch centres, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Coastguard and other public and private partners such as a fire brigades or large companies.


The methods that we use in our programmes and courses are organized in such way that they are closely linked to the needs of the target group. The courses are interactive and practical. We do this by using the latest verified knowledge and techniques. Examples of our services in this area are: we are currently conducting on-site training for fire-fighters from the fire departments of Antwerp and Beveren to be able to deal with tunnel incidents. In addition to this, we make use of a training centre in Switzerland for the drafting of a comprehensive training and exercise plan for the fire and rescue service of South Limburg, with the focus on the policy for crisis teams training. In all our training, we emphasise the human factor. Our belief is that a comprehensive security policy should become second nature and not just be an attractive document.