Fire Safety

We advise architects, project developers, building contractors, users and the authorities about fire safety issues. Our knowledge and our many years of experience mean that we can both understand and speak the languages of the designers, builders and controlling authorities. Fire safety is crucial to us. We know what is needed and what is possible, and we know just what the fire services can and cannot do. Our agency stands out for the individualised working method and the conceptual approach to fire safety. We are experts who focus on the solutions, quickly and independently.


Your fire safety consultant!

Fire safety is an awkward field. Legislation and regulations are complex and by no means always easy to interpret. In addition, there are numerous different guidelines and methods for implementing the same level of safety. Vigiles provides advice in both simple and complex fire safety questions, from the design right through to actual use. We act as an intermediary to the competent authorities, and we supervise construction projects and provide the requisite reports. We can take the worry about fire safety out of your hands throughout the entire construction process. Fire safety for the building is key, along with the costs and continuity of the building work itself.