Jeroen Meijering

Adviseur fysieke veiligheid

+31(0)6 22 22 22 22

Jeroen has many years of experience in emergency relief. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in nursing after which he worked for several years as a specialist paramedic. He then progressed further within the fire fighting sector as the Deputy Fire Chief in Deurne and later as a Sector Fire Chief in the Zeeland Safety Region. His depth of understanding regarding emergency relief has made Jeroen an expert in the field of crisis management, industrial safety, and tunnel and maritime incident prevention.

As a result of his years of experience in fire fighting Jeroen has become an expert in the security sector in the Netherlands. His knowledge at operational, strategic and tactical levels gives him the versatility of a consultant , manager and coach. Crisis management is second nature to him. Jeroen has the ability to make people and organizations work together on difficult issues and has strong analytical skills. Because of his experience with complex issues, he has developed a significant sensitivity to the different interests of administrative, political and operational stakeholders.